June 1 - 30 2017

First we see, then we communicate the seen into utterances, sounds, performances, text and imagery. These expressions, in turn, evoke new responses. And so it goes image to text to image.

How do we communicate what we see, experience, and are passionate about? How do these expressions inspire the imagination of others? In turn, how are responses translated and illustrated?

exhibition 2 June – 30 June 2017
opening events + performances 2 June / Friday 7pm
make art events 2 June / Friday 7pm + 3 June / Saturday 10am – 5pm + 9 June / Friday 1pm – 4pm

Individual works and collaborations by artists, performers, writers, classrooms and groups have contributed their responses to the Image to Text to Image: Creating Dialogue thematic. Imagery, text, sculptures, assemblages, installations, performances and make art engagement opportunities offer the community many points of entry into the dialogue.

In CVAG’s South Gallery and Window Space, works created by individual artists and collaborative teams express a wide range of response to the thematic for the Comox Valley Art Gallery and Comox Valley Arts community exhibition, Image to Text to Image. Throughout the duration of the program, a community engagement make art station within the gallery will provide visitors with opportunities to participate in the ongoing thematic dialogue.

Housed in the CVAG Chamber space, The Book of Changes: Notes and Gestures, an exhibition of poems and small figurative sculptures, created by artists Cornelia Hoogland (poet) and Ted Goodden (sculptor), expresses the artists’ responses to the teachings found in the ancient Chinese text, the I Ching.

Ongoing printmaking, participatory printing demonstrations, and community engagement opportunities facilitated the Comox Valley Printmakers Association + North Island College School of Fine Art and Design provide an expanding collage of printed matter in CVAG’s Community Space. Finding Form in the Repeated Absurdity of Dada Art “is an extended dialogue that pokes at today’s global climate, utilizing the Dada tools of satire and nonsense.”

Local artist, Anne Steves hosts a community engagement Make Art Event and art station in the Main Gallery as part of an ongoing project, A-Lured, that explores community and the dynamics of communication through hand-crafting and the process of looking at written instructions and responding through fanciful fly-tying.

Comox Valley Poet Laureate, Natalie Nickerson, participates in the thematic with a community engagement Make Art Event, Tunnel Visions, that offers opportunities for creative exploration and art-making, using relationships between poetry and collage.

As part of the opening events, creative and improvisational movement artist Jade de Trey, will perform Timelessness ~ A Wild Blue Yonder, a contemporary creative and intuitive dance that expresses explorations and of love, fear, birth and death.

The opening of Image to Text to Image: Creating Dialogue, on June 2 from 7 – 9pm, has been planned in conjunction with the Elevate Arts Festival events, May 31 – June 4 2017.