Image to Text to Image: Opening Events

June 2 2017 / 7:00pm - 9:30pm

The Comox Valley Art Gallery and Comox Valley Arts invite you to join us for the opening celebration of this thematic program. Individual works and collaborations by artists, performers, writers, classrooms and groups have contributed their responses to the Image to Text to Image: Creating Dialogue thematic. Imagery, text, sculptures, assemblages, installations, performances and make art engagement opportunities offer the community many points of entry into the dialogue.

opening events + performances 2 June / Friday 7pm

  • Book of Changes: Notes and Gestures Poetry Reading by Cornelia Hoogland
    responses to the teachings found in the ancient Chinese text, the I Ching
  • Timelessness – A Wild Blue Yonder Dance Performance by Jade de Trey
    a contemporary creative and intuitive dance that expresses explorations and of love, fear, birth and death
  • Finding Form in the Repeated Absurdity of Dada Art Print Demo by CVPA + NIC
    an extended dialogue that pokes at today’s global climate, utilizing the Dada tools of satire and nonsense
  • A-Lured Performative Making Installation by Anne J Steves
    exploring the dynamics of community and environment, through hand-crafting and the process of looking at written instructions and responding through fanciful fly-tying

Concurrent with CVAG’s events is the 6th Annual Elevate the Arts Fesitval, taking place from 31 May to 03 June 2017.

“THE EXPERIMENT”: community collaborations of art, culture, and ideas take to the streets in downtown Courtenay.