CVAG welcomes proposals on an ongoing basis. The gallery is committed to supporting research, creation, presentation, collaboration, dissemination of contemporary art and cultural practise.

The Comox Valley Art Gallery provides opportunities for exhibition in all disciplines, encourages diverse public engagement, promotes awareness of contemporary art, and provides adjunct learning opportunities. The Comox Valley Art Gallery engages with regional, national and international communities to present contemporary art issues and practices.

Submission Guidelines:

Exhibitions are generally six weeks in length and include an art opening to introduce the work to the public. Adjunct and outreach programming is developed and reviewed on an individual basis. On-site adjunct and outreach programming may occur in the gallery interior spaces, in the exterior presentation spaces surrounding the gallery and at community off site spaces.

The Comox Valley Art Gallery pays CARFAC fees. Where funding permits, a portion of one-way travel/shipping, accommodation and per-diem are provided. CVAG produces printed and digital material to promote and engage audiences including invitations, media releases and didactics. All projects are documented digitally and in other media as appropriate – this source material is available to participants for their archive. Selections of documentation are housed on the CVAG website and posted to the gallery’s Facebook page regularly.

CVAG’s contemporary gallery presentation spaces include the South Gallery, the George Sawchuk Gallery, the Window Gallery, and the Community Gallery. A new addition to the presentation spaces is GATHER:PLACE. This space offers exterior view and unique artist activation and community engagement opportunities.

  1. Cover letter with your contact information (mailing address, email address, website, phone contact)
  2. Artist and/or Curatorial Statement (1 page max)
  3. Project Description/Intention for presentation (2 page max)
  4. Curriculum Vitae for all participants (3 page max each)
  5. Image list (title, dimensions, dates, media)
  6. Other relevant support material
  7. Equipment list and/or specialized technical requirements
  8. Schedule of activities (if applicable)
    – Compile items 1-8 into one pdf document and label with your full name_submission.
  9. Support material can include digital images (20 max, 1024 x 768, 1 MB each max) and/or time based work (15 min max).
    – Images must be numbered, titled and correspond to the image list (example: 01_title.jpg) or
    – You may compile your jpegs into one PDF file and label this with your full name_support material.
    – Time-based work may be submitted as .mov, .mp4, .avi or a private link to Youtube, Vimeo or Flickr.

*If you are submitting a combination of images and time-based work, include 10 images and 10 min of time-based work maximum.

CVAG encourages digital submissions by email or by shared Dropbox invite.


SUBJECT LINE: CVAG Gallery Submission 2022

You will be sent an email confirmation of your application.

See more about CVAG programming at: and on our Facebook page. Call 250.338.6211 or email if you require other assistance regarding your submission.

Comox Valley Art Gallery Floor Plan (pdf)


The Comox Valley Art Gallery provides artists and communities with space to engage in independent arts-based research, activations, creative exploration of materials and process, community relations, and concept development through:

CVAG Next Door ­– an independent creative research residency opportunity for deep and sustained artistic inquiry during periods that are two – six weeks in length. CVAG provides residence accommodation with a working space and access to the CVAG toolshed. Participants cover residence related costs. This opportunity is open to artists and curators engaged in contemporary interdisciplinary art practice. More information and applications can be found on the CVAG Next Door page and at

CVAG Project Room Studio – a creative research opportunity situated throughout the gallery that offers artists dedicated time and space to do their work. Projects may be self-directed or woven into the gallery’s thematic programming as preparatory inquiry and development for future exhibition work.  Occasionally, artists will open their space to community, informally or for specific events. Project Room Studio events are posted in the CVAG e-news, on CVAG’s web and social media sites. More can be learned about Project Room Studios here.

Visit the CVAG Project Room Studio Facebook album


Youth Media Project / Shop:Made / Special Programs:

Throughout the year calls are put out for participation in the CVAG Youth Media Project / and for participation in the SHOP MADE winter market/ and special programs at CVAG.

Currently no Thematic Calls are active.