Make Art Project Workshop: Word Talks Back to Image

June 3 2017 / 11:00am - 2:00pm

The Book of Changes: Notes and Gestures comprises collaborative responses of artists Cornelia Hoogland and Ted Goodden to the ancient book of wisdom known as the; I Ching.

“Our sculptures and poems echo the elemental imagery and form, as well as the open-ended interpretability, of the I Ching. Here, the self is embedded in natural, social and political frameworks, all of which condition self-expression.”

The community is invited to explore creative possibilities that emerge through interactive explorations that examine the themes that inhabit their poems and sculptures.

The artists will lead participants through a series of fun exercises that integrate listening, observation and gesture to stimulate creative responses using sketching, clay work and writing.

The workshop will conclude with an opportunity for participants to share their creative responses with one another.

drop-in welcome / all welcome / admission by donation