Where You Are – CVAG Winter Incubator Labs

January 11 - February 17 2022

In the book ‘The Art of Relevance’, author Nina Simon poses the question “What is Relevance?” and then goes on the answer with these words: “Relevance is the key that unlocks meaning. It opens the doors to experiences that matter to us, surprise us, and bring value into our lives .”

Where You Are / CVAG Incubator Labs provides an opportunity to activate relevance in our community through cross-cultural sharing, emergent artistic practice + professional development, creative residency, inquiry based research, and innovative experimentation + creation.

During the upcoming weeks CVAG programming weaves cultural practices, generational + gender divides, interdisciplinary research and discovery.

January 19 – February 14, 2022 – Installation Presentation at CVAG / January 22 at 4PM – Opening Ceremony / February 12 at 11:30AM – Closing Ceremony – “NOOJIM OWIN”…THE GIFT OF THE HEALING DANCE….WHEN WE DANCE, WE DANCE FOR THE PEOPLE – A circle of cultural practice participants engage community collaboration and activation through cross-cultural sharing through the Jingle Dance Project.
Cultural presenter JoAnne Restoule with IKWE NOOJIM OWIN NIIMI IDIWIN – Women’s Circle Dancers
Kim McWilliam, Jaqueline Morgan, Gwen Monnet, Holly Douglas, Maybel McDonald, Brooke-Lin Jestico, Danielle Chartand, Serena Rotter, Jeannie McDonald, Jeannine Walker

January 5 – 15, 2022 – Inquiry-based hands-on learning. Guided by educator Stew Savard, the S.T.E.A.M. Incubator 2022 brings together the students who recently graduated from the Montessori program at Queneesh Elementary School are now participating in the ENTER program at Highland Secondary School. S.T.E.A.M. incubators support young girls in navigating historically male dominant areas of education.

January 12 – February 18, 2022body  space  object – NIC student experience + presentation at CVAG
NIC Fine Arts students return to the gallery for onsite experience at CVAG to  install, present, document and write about their work emerging out of ‘body, space, object’ thematic research from the Sculpture and Integrated Art Practices courses at North Island College. Working in the Galler’s flex spaces: Gather Place and the George Sawchuk Gallery the students have the opportunity to experiment, innovate, and grow their artistic practice.

February 18 – March 4, 2022Fathom Sounds Collective Creative Residencies – The artist collective Fathom Sounds return to continue ongoing research and to facilitate community connections + activations as they prepare and install work for their site responsive exhibition Salt Stained Streaks of a Worthwhile Grief opening at CVAG on March 5, 2022.

Image: Alun Macanulty