STEAM Incubator – January 2022

January 5 2022 / 4:00pm - January 15 2022 / 5:00pm

CVAG supports inquiry based hands-on technology and robotics opportunities for young learners.

The initial series of STEAM incubators were inspired by the work of Deb Dumka and Claire Sanford, Our Young Girls / Violet Gave Willingly, – an interactive installation exploring gender + digital empowerment + access + technology + safe spaces + art.  A group of girls aged 11 – 14 years, many of whom were transitioning to the School District 71 ENTER program at Highland School, immersed themselves in a collaborative robotics learning environment. Guided by educator Stew Savard, the STEAM Incubator 2022 brings together the students who recently graduated from the Montessori program at Queneesh Elementary School are now participating in the ENTER program at Highland Secondary School. STEAM incubators support young girls in navigating historically male dominant areas of education.

STEAM – SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ELECTRONICS, ARTS + MATHEMATICS has been “designed for students who have a passion for science, technology, and the online world.”
(SD71 program information brochure)

Our Young Girls

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