Window Project: Hands On

Enter and explore being inside the frame. Handle the objects. Feel the traces of presence.

Hands On welcomes the public into the CVAG’s window gallery to interact, create, and become a part of the art. This collaborative community installation asks us to consider how we interact with art. Those experiencing Hands On move through frames and are no longer merely looking at art, but are a part of it.

Artists/ facilitators Lukas J Roy and Jessie Zelko as the viewer to decide for themselves what makes art? By questioning the hand of the artist and what is framed, the art begins. How do we recognize art- Is it the framing device, the object on the pedestal, or the delicate stroke of genius? Is the object the art or is it the viewer’s interaction with the object that creates the art. Does spray-painting a coat hanger gold establish it as a sculpture?


Using the make station at the front of the gallery, participants are invited to make drawings and sculptures. These artworks will become a part of the accumulative Hands On installation over the course of the show. Line drawings become integrated into a community landscape. Objects become part of larger staged stories.


We would like to thank volunteers and businesses involved in realizing this project: Tom Severson, Kevin Travland, Alun Macanulty, Iris Reamsbottom, Industrial Plastics, Sherwin-Williams and Hitec Printing.