Make Art Project Workshop: Gathering

May 6 2017 / 11:00am - 2:00pm

GATHERING: Bringing together and taking in from scattered places or sources // An assembly or meeting, especially a social or festive one.

Join us from 11am to 2pm on May 6, for a Make Art Project Workshop, facilitated by Cassidy Gehmlich, a visual arts student in the NIC Fine Arts Diploma program. The workshop, a Gathering in itself, will instigate connectivity, collaboration and cooperation. Participants will Gather in CVAG’s Project Room Studio, and collectively contribute to a diverse assemblage sculpture, reflective of each individual, yet unified as a whole.

Collect: Participants will be invited to acknowledge their relationships with materials, as they selectively Gather sculptural components from the supplies provided.

Connect: Participants will then be free to roam through the Make Stations, to assemble their Gathered materials. They will be provided the opportunity to explore different processes, and excavate their encounters along the way.

Collaborate: Finally, participants will be welcomed to unite their individual pieces as a whole, generating an accumulative display of participants’ individuality in selection and assembly. The resultant sculpture will be an embodiment of the Gathering; a visual representation of the momentary formation of a diverse creative community.

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