Touch Me

April 6 - May 12 2018

Touch Me is a solo exhibition by interdisciplinary artist Skeena Reece. Elements of the body of work developed over many years include drawings, paintings, installation, video, an on-site mural, performance and collaborative practice. Reece, who is of Cree, Tsimshian, Gitksan, and Métis descent, describes her work through writings on display at the gallery.

The artist’s words provide insight into her exhibition:

Defiantly my work resists the loss of our true history of contact, but it also nods to the accountability that we must have in order to go forward in this society.

My response to this painful history is to share the continued ability to show reverence, respect, care and love. Not despite our colonial history, but as a continuation of this strength that has been passed on since time immemorial. Speaking to my people I am saying that these abilities are not lost on me. Speaking to others I am saying this is ‘our’ resilience.

Skeena Reece