The Blues Project – E-Program / Printed Matter

November 1 2014

Jo Swallow is a prolific fibre artist living and working in the Comox Valley.  When describing her practice, Jo aligns herself with Kathe Kollwitz’s philosophy and work ethic: “for the last third of life there remains only work. It alone is always stimulating, rejuvenating, exciting, and satisfying.”

Primarily self-taught, Jo is known for her expertise as a cloth designer, master weaver and teacher.  She began weaving in 1976 and has continued to develop her practice by incorporating traditional and historical techniques with an emphasis on new and innovative approaches. Jo is active in local arts and weaving organizations.
Her current work is focused on colour explorations. She uses specialty yarns and a range of techniques in her precise approach to hand weaving. Incorporating a subtle palette combined with a bold application of colour, Jo explains:

“Colour has power.  As the embodiment of light it affects energy, mood and attitude.  As a cloth designer/weaver I engage in creating interesting textiles through the use of colour blending. Colour is applied using techniques of kasuri, shibori, warp painting, along with varied yarn textures, colour and fibre content.  The primary structure, cloth, is the foundation on which design and colour are developed from instinctive choices, modified and refined.  I like producing a functional piece of weaving which will give visual and tactile enjoyment, as well as physical comfort and a long life of usefulness.”

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