Maple Pool United/But Enough Art, Eat! – E-Program / Printed Matter

April 12 2014


For the past three years a weekly street soccer program that provides an opportunity for people on the fringes of society to exercise, socialize and have fun has been hosted by Grant Shilling and the Dawn to Dawn Action on Homelessness Society at Maple Pool Campground. Photographer Ron Pogue captured dynamic images of their get-togethers. Shilling will provide a folio essay to accompany the show.


What is the role of an art gallery? Who gets to witness and produce art? Is there an aesthetic to homelessness? But Enough Art, Eat! It’s a unique co-production between the Comox Valley Art Gallery and Dawn to Dawn: Action on Homelessness Society set to explore these and many other issues around home, homelessness, the street and art. This threed-ay community outreach event serves as an interdisciplinary forum to inspire community driven discussion and hands-on activities focused on deeply felt issues around nutrition, homelessness, contemporary art practices, graffiti, food production and music.

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