Keeping it Living – E-Program / Printed Matter

May 2 2014

The Keeping It Living Campaign uses locally made world class art to raise funds and awareness for the restoration and protection of the K’ómoks Estuary. The K’ómoks Estuary (formerly the Courtenay River Estuary), second only in importance to the Fraser River Estuary, is a special and unique feature of the Comox Valley. It is one of only eight Class 1 estuaries in British Columbia and provides habitat for 145 bird species (more than 70,000 birds), 218 plant species, 29 fish species (including all five species of pacific salmon) and innumerable species of intertidal animals (clams, worms, bacteria etc.).  In conjunction with Earth Week this year Project Watershed is partnering with the Comox Valley Art Gallery to highlight the issues surrounding the K’ómoks Estuary and present the Keeping It Living Collection from April 15th to May 2nd.

The Keeping It Living Collection includes the five winning pieces from the past campaigns.  Each of these original works has been made into limited edition sponsorship images. Project Watershed has been conducting the Keeping It Living Campaign to raise awareness and funds for the protection and restoration of the K’ómoks Estuary since 2009. This year celebrates the art that has honoured this cause, their achievements and future aspirations. Project Watershed and the Comox Valley Art Gallery will also be presenting a Gala Evening 7-9pm on April 25th to showcase the Keeping It Living Collection and sponsorship opportunities.

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