The Book of George: The Life and Art of George Sawchuk – E-Publication

August 9 2014

“There is no need to consecrate the water for it already arrives that way”.

George Sawchuk passed away in February of 2012. The Book of George: The Life and Art of George Sawchuk is the first opportunity to examine and expand upon the legacy of the Fanny Bay based artist since he died. The title of the show reflects George’s trademark of placing simple wooden books he fashioned together with brass hinges, filled with hand written aphorisms and quotations and placed in the notches of trees. The exhibition will offer the first ever display of the George Sawchuk archives. Included in the archives are Ian Baxter (Order of Canada), founder of the N.E. Thing Co.’s documentation of George Sawchuk’s early site specific works in North Vancouver.

The opening will feature water tasting – a central concern of George’s work as well as his sugar cookies that he baked for the kids who would visit his Forest Gallery. This exhibition consists of two sites: here at CVAG and the Forest Gallery that surrounds the Fanny Bay home that George built and he and life partner Pat Helps shared for close to 40 years.

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