Wildwood Stories


  • Exhibition June 28 - August 9 2014
  • Opening Event June 27 2014

WILDWOOD STORIES: Nurse Log Tales + Forgotten Steel

In the lush growth of the coastal forest, death plays as significant a role as life, as the decaying bodies of fallen trees provide nutrients for the growth of new saplings.

I am inspired by this hopeful tragedy of death and rebirth, and intrigued by the grotesque and fantastical shapes which are formed by these transformations.

As succeeding waves of loggers, road builders and settlers swept through the landscape, they left behind abandoned vehicles which attest to their dreams. The verdant forests of the coast, with their amazing rapidity of growth, have now reclaimed these constructs and are breaking them down to their original components; evidence of the great capacity of the earth to heal itself.

Each painting is partnered with a story, poem or narrative. I paint the images first, and then let it speak to me. These are stories of what might have been, what could be, and of the quiet voices which whisper the secrets of the forest.


Suzan was educated at Capilano College and Emily Carr University of Art & Design. She is based in Vancouver BC and has actively exhibited in regional group and solo exhibitions since 2000. Susan works in painting, clay and print media. This exhibition is her first public presentation of Wildwood Stories.