• Exhibition September 19 - November 6 2015
  • Opening Reception September 18 2015

Sculpture Students: Lisa Petrunia, Sarcy Geddes, Sarah Bergeron, Maddy Cornish, Chueh-Yu Chen, Kiani Evans

Sculpture is more than an artistic representation of an object; it is a physical translation of the internal experience a viewer has when encountering the object for the first time. Through experimentation with traditional sculptural mediums and found materials, these students took seemingly mundane found objects and translated them through physical interactions with the materials to discover new facets to the object, and expressing themselves through the object. The object may be completely deconstructed, placed in a new environment, emphasized in some way, or reconstructed as a likeness of its original form. There is an ongoing emotional and conceptual dialogue between object, medium and artist throughout each physical translation.