Noojim Owin Kwe


  • Exhibition December 6 2023 - January 13 2024

Noojim Owin Kwe — Interactive Installation | Performance | Video | Cultural Teaching
Noojim Owin Kwe circle in the Comox Valley — Manidoo Waabiwin An Cultural Society
As part of the convergent program upholding one another

Held Space | South Gallery 


Statement by JoAnn Restoule | Bedos Kadoo:

Upholding One Another Through the Strength of Our Ancestry
We are taught that we are a collective community, and our strength is found when we come together in ceremony and spiritual practice.

Our Ancestors have handed down these teachings through the generations.

Through song, prayer and dance we express the energy that upholds our teachings, our identity, strength and resilience. This is a sacred gift and our greatest strength as a people.

Dress Installation
The Healing Dance, known widely as the Jingle Dance, brings forward the power of prayer and intention. The dance is known also as the Prayer Dance.

These dresses have been placed to honor and remember the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls+ and the Indigenous children that have been located throughout Turtle Island on the grounds of former Residential Schools.

The Prayer Ties | The Power of Intention and Prayer
Prayer ties are a traditional sacred bundle of sema (asema) sacred traditional tobacco.

We invite you to place your intention and prayers for Upholding One Another by placing a prayer tie into the sacred circle of sweetgrass known for its purifying and healing energy.

Chi Migwetch… All My Relations
Noojim Owin Kwe (Healing Women)


The vision of the Healing dance was gifted to the Anishnabe at a time in our history when a great sickness came upon the people of Turtle Island. As we had been instructed in our origin stories our people called upon the strength of the gift of dreaming or visioning. It is said that at this time a great gift was brought to the people in the form of a vision. In the vision 4 women wore dresses in the colours of red, yellow, blue, and green. These dresses were covered in shiny metal cones, and we were instructed to bring this vision and dance to the people…to bring healing energy.  Our people followed these instructions and with the support of the Ancestors…there was a great healing that came to the nation.

We are now witnessing a time in our history as a people where there is great need for the healing energy of the ceremonies and rituals of all nations. For the Anishnabe, we have been given instructions to bring the teachings to the people, to walk the good life teachings on the good Path…Mino Biimadiziwin…when we dance we are told that we are “Dancing for the People”.

The Gift of the Healing Dance Project began in 2019, when a group of committed relatives took on the responsibility of deepening their awareness and understanding of the teachings of the Healing Dance and the gift of the healing energy that has come through from the ancestors.

Through the good work of these relatives, we can bring the teachings into our community to share the energy of traditional indigenous knowledge, ceremony, and practice. We have been told by our Ancestors that we are to awaken, stand up and be counted, for we are being recognized in the Spirit World. For this, we are eternally grateful.



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The thematic materials in the upholding one another convergent program may trigger strong emotional responses. Elders + trauma care support + resources for finding community support will be available to visitors during gallery hours and at events.