Kill Yourself


  • Exhibition December 17 2020 - February 20 2021

Mackai Sharp

Kill Yourself brings the casualness of harassment to the foreground, reminding our community of the ever-present threat of intolerance. Highlighting the complicity, that we as a community tend to hold when bigotry plays out in public spaces. This piece allows for time to reflect on the present situation within the Comox Valley and searches for a way to evolve our collective ideologies to encompass inclusivity.

‘Visual arts quickly made its way to the forefront of my life as a way of expressing myself and showcasing my perspective. As an artist I strive to capture authenticity and vulnerability in my work. Slowly over time I discovered the value that is found within connecting images to a greater narrative. What I hope to manifest for the future, is the opportunity to highlight the people, places and stories that have gone unrepresented, without an audience. These hopes and manifestations have taken over the importance of my life and have become the reason I wake up in the morning; to share stories.’


Photographs by Nula Jewel Power & Mackai Sharp 

Letter to the Community