Shifting Currents | Curating Cleaner Waters – Incubator 

April 23 2024 / 7:00pm - May 21 2024 / 9:00pm


Collaborators: Jamie Black | Kat Radford | Megan Moon – The ShadOw PlaY ColleCtiVe

Ongoing Creative Research + Development Incubator: As a collective meeting weekly to explore experiment and create materials, the explorations in shadow puppetry and video storytelling of Jamie Black, Kat Radford, and Megan Moon give voice to the creatures that inhabit local waters.

“Through delight and humour, we crack open the issue of plastics and garbage in our oceans, narrating from the perspective of the beings that are trying to get our attention and are doing something, even though they have no idea what to do or how” – Jamie Black

Evidence of the collective’s research can be seen in Gather:Place at CVAG, through social media posts, and pop-up community inclusive events.

Curating Cleaner Waters, an initiative started in January 2022, invites professional and amateur artists, musicians, storytellers, and movement artists to bring their creative selves in. During RETURN TO WATER 2024, opportunities for public participation will be announced on CVAG’s social media platforms and website.

As part of CVAG’s RETURN TO WATER 2024 convergent program, Shifting Currents community collaborations feature art-based installations + events that shift the way in which we all consider water and how we engage with it. Thoughtful, playful, and experimental offerings instigate rethinking our current relationship with the Comox Valley Watershed.