Faces: Familiar and Friends


  • Exhibition May 10 - June 21 2014
  • Opening Event May 9 2014

Senior secondary students Haeli Frost-Mitchell and Lindsay Nixon, both based in the Comox Valley, examine human faces in drawings. Both artists employ a representational realism which investigates the aesthetics and mystery of the human face; past and present, familiar and friends. The many expressions portrayed reference visual images in the media today, particularly in the context of social media platforms such as Facebook.

Haeli Frost-Mitchell

Since childhood, Haeli has been interested in drawing portraits. She sources her subject matter from magazines, the internet, live models or a combination. Working in greyscale or colour, she creates her portraits in drawing, painting and print making. She cites artist Chuck Close as an inspiration and plans to continue studying the visual arts beyond secondary school.

Lindsay Nixon

Lindsay admires the unique characteristics of people and draws portraits as a way to a deeper understanding of them. Her curious and creative nature has led her to make images to inspire curiosity in viewers of her work. Developing a portrait of friends and/or celebrities allows her to question what is beyond the physical characteristics of her subjects – “what lies in the soul of that person?”