Ctrl+Shift | NIC Digital Design + Development Students


  • Exhibition December 12 2023 - March 23 2024

CVAG Hub Gallery

CTRL + SHIFT — NIC Digital Design + Development Students

An installation of students’ work that showcases the power of graphic design to communicate, raise awareness, and inspire action.

Amy Croft | Anya Read | Danielle Haynes | Donna Seymour | Gillian Gahagan | Grace Boyd | Graham Kaye | Jana Allingham | Jennifer Thornton-Hughes | Jesse Peltonen | Kimberly Clark | Ian Jones | Celina Baulcomb | Helena Beamish | Krista Nash | Leanne Brabec | Lina Neufeld | Natalia Moreno Arias | Raina Reedel | Samuel Brunelle | Shane Colclough | Shayla Auld | Talia Naidoo | Vanessa O’Neill | Katherine Caldwell | Trevor Jacob | Brendan Williamson | Caleb Richardson | Miranda Leask | Michael O’Donnell | Anna Wilson | Cat Grey | Darryl Snaychuk | Diana Pesantes Villanera | Leslie Love | Samantha Roque Moreno | Tomio Walkley-Miyagawa | Trinity Babichuk | Yuki Onishi | Abbey Girvan | Blayz Nickel | Katia Valeria Romero Cordero | Quintessa Warman | Tatiana Suarez Suarez | Vienna May Sauvage | Samuel Carter | Emily Boucher | Cristian Betancourt Avila | Jayden Hargreaves | Thi Thu Nguyen | Neethu Unnikrishnan | Amelie Charbonneau | Reggie Hood


The 50 posters in this exhibition were designed by first-year graphic design students at North Island College. The students were challenged to research an issue that is important to them as well as the work of a significant designer. They then created a poster that raises awareness for their cause in the style of their chosen designer.

The poster, possibly the purest form of visual communication, is a special genre in graphic design and is suited especially well for advocacy work.

“Posters are dissent made visible.
They communicate, advocate, instruct, celebrate, and warn, while jarring us to action.”


We take our role as educators seriously and we believe that our students can influence and shape our world. We teach students how to creatively solve human problems using design thinking and digital technologies as their medium. From graphic design to mobile app development, we encourage our students to champion the power of design to inspire change, transform lives, and make the world a better place. – Elizabeth Resnick — Professor of Graphic Design at Massachusetts College of Art and Design + Passionate Curator of Socio-Political Poster Design Exhibitions

For many students, graphics courses are an introduction to a new way of communicating. In these courses, students learn the skills and knowledge needed to translate complex ideas and emotions into meaningful and compelling visuals.

Climate change, addiction prevention, treatment and recovery services, Indigenous Peoples’ rights, LGBTQ+ discrimination, and affordable housing are just some of the issues represented in the students’ work.

We invite you to enjoy these powerful posters, reflect, and take action!

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