Artistic Dreams


  • Exhibition January 11 - March 8 2014
  • Opening Event January 10 2014

Grade 4 – 5 Students

Inspired by the piano version of the song Mad World, the students of Ms. Yourchik’s grade 4–5 class atÉcole Robb Road discussed the emotions they felt while listening to this piece of music and the power music can have in our lives. Combining this with their studies of Pablo Picasso’s blue period artworks, they used only blue, black and white paint to create shades and tints on canvas paper to explore an abstract visual vocabulary of line and shape.


École Robb Roadis an elementary school in Comox BC which creates a stimulating and rewarding learning environment, rich in linguistic and cultural experiences. In the French Immersion Program, linguistic competency in English and French is activated to develop bilingual citizens.