Shifting Currents | Wishes for Fishes

April 14 2024 / 9:00am - 3:00pm


Hand-In-Hand Nature Education students: Ada | Aiden | Charlotte | Gus | Georgia | Hazel | Lachie | Maddy | Morgan | Olivia | Roman | Ryen | Zephyr | Emma

Facilitator: Megan Moon

Last fall, the group visited the fish hatchery to see the fall salmon spawning run. On April 14, the group made a spring follow-up visit where they saw the young baby fish and shared in the release of fry for their journey far out into the ocean. The children then sat down in a grassy area under the trees on the shore of the river and spread out art supplies to created watercolour paintings of fish. Each student’s wish for the baby fish was written on their painting.

The paintings are now displayed in CVAG’s Hub Community Gallery until Saturday, May 25 at 5PM.

As part of CVAG’s RETURN TO WATER 2024 convergent program, Shifting Currents community collaborations feature art-based installations + events that shift the way in which we all consider water and how we engage with it. Thoughtful, playful, and experimental offerings instigate rethinking our current relationship with the Comox Valley Watershed.

IMAGE: “Wishes for Fishes” by Hand-In-Hand Nature Education students, 2024. Image by Denise Lawson.