Visible Labour creative development + production residency

January 15 2021 / 12:00am - May 29 2021 / 5:00pm

Deb Dumka + Claire Sanford

Creative development + production residencies at CVAG provide an opportunity for artists to take their concepts through a process of creative development and production to a point of readiness for exhibition. Connecting artists with experts in the community from whom they can resource technical support and skills acquisition, providing working spaces, access to tools, and housing next door to the gallery are all ways in which the gallery bolsters these residencies.

Deb Dumka, who is both an artist and an electrical engineer, is working on a project that addresses social and paternalistic resistance to women entering male dominated fields. Related to Deb’s fibre and electronic based works, are video and sound installations being developed by filmmaker Claire Sanford. Claire presents a unique perspective as Deb’s daughter, as she bears witness to her mother’s experiences as a woman practicing in the world of art and engineering.

Julian Rendell, engineer and programmer, founder of The Make It Zone in Courtenay, has supported Deb and Claire with their research and development, through skill and resource sharing, as they build the digital and electronic components of their work. Facilitating community collaborations / creative exploration / new skills acquisition are part of the work that the gallery is doing to pivot accessibility to artists’ presentations and to support artists as they take risks and expand their art making processes.


Julian Rendall and Deborah Dumka

Julian Rendall and Deborah Dumka


The work developed during this residency will be presented during the exhibition visible LABOUR, March 25 – May 29 2021.