Space Between Us Publication Launch

February 27 2021 / 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Space Between Us Publication Launch 

A public webinar event was held on Saturday February 27.

This event launched the interactive digital publication Space Between Us and celebrated a year of creative collaboration.

Artists + Writers:

Maleea Acker / Renée Poisson / Sophie Wood

H. Pearl Gray / Bran Mackie

Hannah Brown / Cassidy Gehmlich

Meesh QX / Kara Stanton

Spencer Sheehan Kalina

On Saturday afternoon artists, writers, curators and the public gathered together virtually for the launch of the Space Between Us publication. The anthology holds the work of artists and writers who have worked together over the past year. In spite of geographical distances and the global pandemic, artists + writers have bridged these challenges to create new work. During the event they shared glimpses of their work, the themes that bind their material and written practices, and their collaborative experience. Viewers had an opportunity to submit questions during the event.

December 7 2020 – February 27 2021 – Space Between Us Publication Incubator exhibition at CVAG held material traces of the work undertaken over the past year. More can be seen here.

View the Space Between Us interactive digital publication here.

During these times when CVAG is not able to host public events at the gallery, we are holding virtual events that share the ongoing work of artists.

Images: Alun Macanulty        Video formation: Tom Elliott