RETURN TO WATER – NIC Fine Arts + Digital Design Student Incubator

May 10 2022 / 10:00am - September 10 2022 / 6:00pm

Installation presentation in CVAG’s Community Gallery + Lower Level Studio 

Incubator project with North Island College students from Fine Arts + Digital Design courses:

FIN 231 – Sculpture and Integrated Art Practices
FIN 131 – 3D Objects and Space / Foundation Studio
FIN 247 – Introduction to Digital Photograph

Erica Livsey / Meg Firth / Naia Lisch / Kat Cearns / Anne Cumming / Kendra Dewar / Karen Day / Marlee Monroe / Laurena Fairbairn / Ram Sudama / David Page / Renee Poisson / Vienna May Sauvage / Cameron McKieve / Lisa Petruvia / Melinda Goetjen / Roberta Joehle / Safron Wells / Venessa O’Neill / Hoyoung (Patrick) Kim / Satya Bellerose / Celina Baulcomb / Gillian Gahagan / Talia Naidoo / Jules Benson / Binh (Leo) Le

Thematic Provocation Project:

Students were invited to respond to a choice of themes including Return To Water and Emergent Forms of Togetherness, for a major class project.

“Everywhere we turn, there is water. The land and our lives flow with it – reflected in memory, perceptions, experiences, and relationships with the water that surrounds and permeates everything in our world. We now find ourselves living with a heightened awareness of the realities our world is faced with.”
– Denise Lawson, CVAG Curator

In the time of COVID, our ability to intersect and connect has shifted, deepened, dissolved through emerging forms of togetherness. How can a lens-based practice be integrated as a means of exploring and bridging connections within ourselves; embedded within a local and global community spectrum; and in relation to the day to day spaces and places in which we live, work and play?

The work presented here as part of CVAG’s convergent program celebrates student projects from NIC courses in 3D art and design, Sculpture, Video and Digital Photography. The themes served as an open-ended provocation to inspire relevant and convergent research and creation. The research, materials and processes represent new areas of exploration for most students, including metal shop fabrication, digital image series, time-based storytelling, and place-based interactive work.

Image: “Return to Water” group installation, 2022. Image courtesy of Taylor Robinson