PROJECT ROOM STUDIO – Materiality / Kelsey Epp

July 31 2021 / 12:00am - September 2 2021 / 12:00am

During Kelsey Epp’s creative residency in CVAG’s lower level Project Room Studio, she is focused on Materiality. Expanding on her current farming and artistic practice, she is experimenting with fibre and water.

Aase (Pronounced Oh-Sa):

Kelsey Epp is the owner and artist behind Aase Farm & Studio in the Comox Valley. She creates beautiful garments, home styling, and art pieces out of wool from the Suffolk and Gotland sheep that she raises on her farm. A selection of her artwork is currently available in SHOP:MADE.


Her farm and studio work is intrinsically entwined in the life cycle of birth to death. At the end of their lifespan Aase’s studio pieces can be returned back to the earth, renewing and replenishing the soil.