PROJECT ROOM STUDIO – Developing Ideas / Elizabeth Russell

July 23 2021 / 12:00am - July 26 2021 / 12:00am

From July 23 – 26, Elizabeth Russell is engaging in a research and production residency at CVAG. Project Room Studio and GATHER:PLACE provide Elizabeth space to prepare work for her upcoming exhibition in the Werkhalle Wiesenburg room for the arts at Die Wiesenburg in Berlin, Germany.

Drapery really seems, to me, to speak about where people come from. We all have had experiences with drapery, and drapery is what we’re born in, what we die in, what we sleep in every night…

I’m very interested in the fact that the gallery space [in Berlin] used to be a laundry room, and that really inspires me. That’s one of the reasons why I chose to use drapery for this work, because thousands of sheets and blankets were brought into that space and washed.

I want to bring the ideas that I have about fabric and about the idea of washing. What was washed there? It was sheets and blankets. So, that was my inspiration for bringing in the sheets. And I’m not only doing an installation with real physical sheets, but I’m also doing drawings of the sheets.

– Elizabeth Russell