Nina Wedberg Thulin – Creative Residency

January 17 2023 / 10:00am - February 23 2023 / 5:00pm

During her residency for The Source, artist Nina Wedberg Thulin carries all her ‘questions from former works’ while becoming ‘a beginner starting from zero’.

This residency incorporates collaborations between the artist and the community / site-responsive making / installations of new work and works that have travelled with the artist.

NINA WEDBERG THULIN | b.1955, Stockholm, Sweden

American contemporary art, the music scene with John Cage, Merce Cunningham, and others opened new doors for Nina as she attended San Francisco Art institute as a fellow. She painted big abstract acrylic paintings. Back in Europe studying art history, Joseph Beuys’ work got her absolute attention and interest; she then wrote to Das Freie Universität, read everything within reach, and travelled in his footsteps. Finally, the travels led to Beuys’ studio in Düsseldorf, and a meeting took place. Nina made her debut exhibiting in Japan, moved towards working more with sculpture, made a couple of trips to Beijing, and worked with bronze, fibreglass, and stainless steel. In her artistic practice, Nina does installations: sculpture, painting, film, sound, and combinations of these. Alongside art, she has worked with theatre and opera, and freelanced as a film editor. This is all part of her toolbox.


Curator, Abir Boukhari | AllArtNow Lab | Stockholm – artist’s introduction to CVAG curators
The Swedish Arts Council – artist’s travel

The Source project installation is part of the OPEN ⋮ REALITY convergent program at the Comox Valley Art Gallery

Image: “Icebook”, Nina Wedberg Thulin. Image courtesy of the artist