Festival Video Program

May 11 2022 / 10:00am - May 14 2022 / 9:00pm

Video and digital images from a variety of sources are part of the Return to Water Festival.
Imago Theatre Productions
Letter From the Ocean
Cast – Clea Minaker & Warona Setshwaelo
Creative Team – Andrew Andreoli (Director of Photography), Cristina Cugliandro (Director), Danna-Rae Evasiuk (Lighting Designer), Clea Minaker (Art Director), Evan Stepanian (Sound Designer), Diana Uribe (Environment Consultant)
  • Streamed Screening – Thursday May 12 4PM
  • Screen looping – CVAG HUB – 5 – 9PM Saturday May 14

North Island College Fine Arts + Digital Design Students
Thematic Provocation: Return to Water / Emergent Forms of Togetherness
  • Community Gallery Screen looping  Tuesday – Saturday May 12-14

Community Contributors Video Presentations

River Song, Kumugwe Cultural Society

Water is Life, Water is Sacred, SD71 Indigenous Education with Joanne Restoule + Noojim OOwin / Manidoo Waabiwin An Cultural Society, in collaboration with Miracle Beach School

The Gift of Herring, Andy Johnson

Before the Beauty is Gone, Mackai Sharp

We Need You, Jamie Black

  • Projection Screening Project Room Studio: 5 – 9PM Saturday May 14
  • Screen looping – CVAG HUB – 10AM – 5PM Tuesday – Saturday May 12-14

Image: Lisa Petrunia, NIC Digital Design. 2022