May 14 2022 / 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Join the CURATING CLEANER WATERS Shadow Jam Improv this Saturday, where there will be instruments to play, visuals to craft, and a shadow screen to interact with – if you dare!

All-Ages Drop-In Event / Saturday May 14 / CVAG’s Lower Level Studio.
There is no cost and materials are supplied. Donations are gratefully accepted.

Event hosted by Wild Craft Play‘s Jamie Black.

CURATING CLEANER WATERS invites artists, musicians, storytellers, and movement artists to bring your creative selves in. Step into the crafting studio prepared to move in front of or behind the screen, make improvised sounds, song, and magical being-like narration into the microphones, or craft visual art on the overhead projector.

Find your inner funny bone and tickle it with us as we crack open the issue of plastics and garbage in our oceans, narrating from the perspective of “tiny ones” – beings that are trying to get our attention, and are doing something, even though they have no idea what to do or how.

A small group of youth and adults are producing digital stories to solve the plastic problems in our ocean.

This event is part of the RETURN TO WATER FESTIVAL – a series of arts-based events and presentations that bring the community together to explore issues related to perceptions of water, use of water, the human relationship to water, the climate’s effect on water, and the concept of water as a “living entity”. From May 12 – 14, 2022, daily events will instigate interdisciplinary and cross-cultural considerations of water and its significance through visual art, photography, video, sound, interactive media, texts, performance, music, dance, and song.