Window Project: Gift


  • Exhibition November 20 - December 26 2015
  • Opening Celebration November 20 2015

“Window Project: Gift,” is a site-responsive installation by local media artist Carrie Tannant, on view 24/7 until January 1st in CVAG’s street level Window Gallery.  “Gift” invites us to consider our perceptions and interactions around giving and receiving. Carrie Tannant elaborates on her window experiment: 

We call so very many kinds of things “gifts”…  A decorated surprise, a surplus of skill, a demonstration of generosity.  Gifts can say hello, express love and kinship, celebrate life transitions, tell stories, engender reciprocity, invite generosity and demonstrate status … and they can be mysterious: a feeling of gratitude or wonder, an awareness of potential, a sense of place, a sharing of breath…

Calling something a gift is a symbolic act. Courage, for example, is sometimes the gift of true love… death, a gift of clarity, a transformation of value, of perception.  By design and by chance, gifts affirm our cultural relations and, in many ways, it’s what we recognize as gifts that makes us what we are.