February 25 2019 / 12:00pm - March 1 2019 / 1:00pm

Problem Solving and Art Chat with Robert Moon will present some of artist, Robert Moon’s past works including two short films “Breath” and “The Entire Trip” (circa 1974), and various publications which feature art that he has created over a lifetime. Visitors will have an opportunity to meet with the artist while he is on-site in GATHER:PLACE Monday – Friday from 12PM – 1PM for “problem solving and an art chat”. Works by the artist will be presented in GATHER:PLACE and in the current exhibition approaching painting while he is on site and during gallery hours.


I had a strong feeling for art at a very early age as most of us do but my life as an artist truly began when I passed through the Spanish portico of the San Francisco Art Institute in the fall of 1964. I was a country bumpkin just discharged from the army without a clue about the art world. I thought the flower children and the hippy artists were just the normal characters you find in every art school it took many years before I realized I had walked in to a cultural revolution and by then it was nearly over. Brief as it was, it was starting to wind down by 1970 when I graduated with an MFA in painting and printmaking, it had an incredible affect on my life as an artist.. It is only looking back that I realize just how formative those years were and how much of what I learned has stayed with me and gave me the confidence to be an artist. Most importantly something Fred Martin the president of the college said at my graduation stuck with me all these years and it is what I base my success on today. He asked the rhetorical question “what is a successful artist?” and then answered it for us for I suspect none of us knew the answer. He said that “if your are old and gray and you are still searching for beauty and making art then you are a successful artist.” I was very fortunate in that my early work gained some attention in the printmaking part of my career with my inclusion in the permanent collection of the New York Museum of Modern Art and the San Francisco Museum of Art. This exposure attracted the attention of several colleges and the University of California Berkley where I taught for a short time.