March 2 2019 / 10:00am - March 8 2019 / 5:00pm

Transparent Space + Star Language Divination Days
Concurrent with the exhibition of work in the exhibition Approaching Painting, Carole Tompson, will engage in a Project Room Studio in GATHER:PLACE at the Comox Valley Art Gallery.
During this time the artist will engage in research exploring the process of making multi-layered transparencies. Working experimentally with acrylic skins, additive crystalline substances, various media and pigments, she will explore their application on mylar and clear vinyl. A large scale hanging will be in progress in GATHER:PLACE along with Carole’s creative research.

Star Language Divination Days

During her time on site at CVAG, Carole will host public engagement events.
March 2 (Saturday), 5 (Tuesday), 6 (Wednesday), 7 (Thursday) from 2 pm to 4 pm each day.
GATHER:PLACE at the Comox valley Art Gallery

Using the Star Language cards, this event offers participants the opportunity to receive Interdimensional Messages / Transmissions from the Galaxies. Co-create with the Stars and make a personal symbol or sigil with watercolour, pens and mixed media.

Carole will also be available at these times for discussions + consultations around painting practices.

Transparent Space + Star Language Divination Days – CVAG facebook post.

What fascinates me as a painter, is the mysterious journey that is involved in making a painting.
I am intrigued by the surprising arrival at a previously unknown destination.

My painting centers on an interplay between my interests in nature, science and the cosmos. Geology, crystallography, colour theory, geometry and metaphysical experiences inform my work.
The multi-panelled paintings operate in the “field”, indicating layered, multi-dimensional movement.

My process is open-ended, intuitive and spontaneous.

While in the GATHER:SPACE, I will be researching and exploring various painting processes.
I will be making acrylic skins, working on transparent panels and investigating mediums and minerals for my next series …Down to Earth.

– Carole Thompson