March 16 2019 / 10:00am - March 22 2019 / 4:00pm

During her Project Room Studio Artist Madeleine Wood will be essentially moving her studio practice to GATHER:PLACE as an experiment. By working in the downtown core she hopes to encourage dialogue and exchange with the community and welcomes visitors!

More than SUM
We have more than some. Home is more than the sum of its parts.
With this project, I’m responding to the notion of home, as a Vancouver transplant and first time homeowner. In More than SUM, I return to the surface of things and the immediacy of my surroundings, grounded in the tangible details of our renovated house and its property. I’ve been in the process of painting samples from the interior and exterior, contained in a grid pattern of 6” squares to construct a flat, dense, fragmented view. Universal cues are evident in some of the squares, while others are more abstract and obscure. I plan to add individual square panels to trail behind the rest, which could be anything from blank spaces to glimpses of the surrounding environment.
Fragmented, closely cropped images are typical of my work; an impulse borne of self-censorship in a postmodern age. I resist the traditional whole. The density and compression conveniently reflects my life experience: physically limited vision, chaotic family constellations, the clutter of interrupted thoughts and even the shape of my urban life. Today, the slowness of painting feels like an act of resistance against the rapid pace of digital media.

artist hours:
Saturday March 16 / 10-4PM
Tuesday March 19 / 10-4PM
Wednesday March 20 / 10-4PM
Thursday March 21 / 12-4PM
Friday March 22 / 10-4PM


I was born and raised in BC with an aptitude for drawing that developed into a fierce desire to become a painter. My formal education began at Emily Carr College of Art in two stints, during a time when painting was declared dead. Determined, I went on to complete my MFA at Concordia University in 1996 and established my studio practice in Vancouver. I’ve exhibited my work over the past 25 years in both commercial galleries (currently Madrona in Victoria and Elevation in Canmore) and public galleries, and occasionally teach out of my studio. My partner and I moved to Ships Point in 2010 to rebuild and make a home together. By some grace, I have bought time and space to lose myself, and find myself again.