January 27 - March 23 2018

RETURN is a convergent artistic program that brings together the politicized lens-based work of contemporary feminist photographers Nancy Bleck (Vancouver) and Eileen Leier (Kamloops). The collective experiences of solidarity, resistance and healing journeys are at the forefront of these knowledge-sharing documentation/witness projects. In preparation for their exhibition, Nancy and Eileen travelled to the Comox Valley to spend time on the land and with the CVAG curatorial staff, sharing their experiences and perspectives. The idea of returning became a pivotal concept for this thematic program – within each return exists change, over time and in relation to shifting contexts and perspectives. The work in this exhibition reflects on migrations and evolutions. Memories are invoked and provoked. New insights into the cycles of our relationships with each other and with Earth’s rhythms are prompted.



    An exhibition of lens-based work that deals with concepts of land, community, health and violence.

    January 27 - March 23 2018