February 27 - March 27 2021

During these Covid times the Comox Valley Art Gallery is offering new ways to encounter the work of contemporary artists.
s a response to the current circumstances that prevent us from fully engaging with one another, the gallery windows, media screens, and internet platforms offer vicarious glimpses through which we are able to enter the simulacra of the places and experiences that cannot be lived in the realm of real time and space.  

March 4 – 23, 2021
A LETTER FROM THE OCEAN / An Ode to Loss and Love
11 minute video performance (looped) between 6PM–9PM
CVAG Plaza – outside GATHER:PLACE (Visitors are invited to experience this poetic and beautiful film outside while keeping a respectful Covid distance from others.)

Playwright – Caridad Svich
Cast – Clea Minaker & Warona Setshwaelo
Creative Team – Andrew Andreoli (Director of Photography), Cristina Cugliandro (Director), Danna-Rae Evasiuk (Lighting Designer), Clea Minaker (Art Director), Evan Stepanian (Sound Designer), Diana Uribe (Environment Consultant)

“What words does the ocean speak? How can people listen?”

Learn more about A Letter From the Ocean here.

Offsite_Onsite / Research + Production Residency

Nisrine Boukhari + Shelley Vanderbyl + Abir Boukhari
Over the span of time and the space between us, we engage in a relational practice that brings together the work of artists and  curators  from the Comox Valley, Sweden and Austria.
Learn more about the Offsite_Onsite / Creative Residency here.

ONGOING INSTALLATION PROJECTS – made visible day and night @ The Comox Valley Art Gallery corner of 6th Street + Duncan Ave. /  lower level window spaces
Looking in and looking out, the traces of creative research, dialogue and curiosity are made visible through virtual and onsite residency projects.

Learn about the installation projects here.

Images: Courtesy IMAGO Theatre


  • A Letter From The Ocean

    A poetic journey through the woods to the ocean that explores where we have come from, what has been lost, and our incredible capacity as a species for love and beauty.

    March 4 - 24 2021
  • Space Between Us Publication

    This digital publication holds the powerful, the beautiful, the difficult, and the poetic.

    February 27 2021 - January 1 2022
  • OFFSITE_ONSITE / Ongoing Installation Projects

    Traces of creative research, dialogue and curiosity made visible.

    February 25 - May 29 2021

    This multi-year program integrates themes of welcoming, gathering and healing.

    October 27 2018 - December 31 2020