Hold Being Held

June 27 - September 7 2019

hold. earth, water, air, fire. alchemy. being held.


The convergent program

Hold Being Held includes a group exhibition, a public art opening event, artist led community make art projects, a creative residency and a project room studio.

Hold Being Held, June 27 – September 7 2019:

presents clay and time-based work of seven artists from Montreal, Victoria and the Comox Valley.

Samantha Dickie, Alan Burgess, and Gordon Hutchens will present work rooted in their established practices. Jeff Brett and Bobbi Denton will present works in clay, digital media and sound. Rachel Grenon and D Gillain Turner have been conducting creative research and developing site specific work for the exhibtion. Grenon is participating in the CVAG Creative Residency 2019, May 14 – July 5 and Turner is conducting a project room studio Water and Shelter, March 18 – July 13, 2019.

Thursday, June 27, 5pm – 9pm Art Opening / Community Make Art Projects / Artist Talks / Public Reception
The exhibition will open with a public reception Thursday, June 27, 5pm – 9pm.
The event will be an evening of artist facilitated art making, refreshments, food, and conversation with the artists.
Community Make Art Projects and a public reception will engage the community between 5pm – 7pm. At 7pm the artists will speak to their work and creative process during a shared artist talk.

Community Make Art Projects offer participants opportunities to engage in hands-on making led by artists who are part of the convergent program.

Thursday June 27 5 – 7 pm

Water Effect 2019
Facilitated by Rachel Grenon
Make hand folded porcelain boats as a way of exploring the ways in which we are all uniquely personalized.

Tiny Homes
Facilitated by D Gillian Turner
Hand build paper-clay buildings as part of the artist’s Water and Shelter project.

Wednesday July 10 3 – 7pm
D Gillian Turner will facilitate a Tiny Homes make art workshop that will coincide with the Wednesday night Comox Valley Farmer’s Market.

Creative Residency

May 14 – July 5, 2019 – Rachel Grenon
Cermacist, Rachel Grenon, participated in a Comox Valley Art Gallery Creative Residency in the spring and early summer of 2019 to develop new site specific clay based works. The McLoughlin Gardens Society artist residence is well situated to provide the artist with experience of the ocean, shorelines, forests, mountains, ever changing sky, and weather patterns of the west coast. Grenon developed her work in the Shadbolt studio spaces of the North Island College Fine Art and Design Department, another of CVAG’s Creative Residency community partners. Grenon presented an artist talk at NIC in late June. Two CVAG student intern had the opportunity to work as a tech along side Grenon during her residency. The artist’s developed work were presented in the exhibition Hold Being Held.


  • Hold Being Held

    Hold Being Held, the exhibition features clay and time based work of seven artists.

    June 27 - September 7 2019