February 29 - September 11 2020
As a contemporary public art gallery, CVAG’s convergent programming supports the presentation of art; the practices of artists and curators; and engagement with communities. CVAG’S convergent programming Continuum features projects that have unfolded over time, through evolving iterations and formats: exhibition, artist/curatorial talks, make art, community research incubators, public art and site responsive events.

The Time of Things: The Continuum of Indigenous Customary Practice into Contemporary Art, is an exhibition curated by France Trépanier that presents the work of artists Daphne Boyer, Maureen Gruben, Susan Pavel, Skeena Reece, and Marika Echachis Swan. This exhibition,  is rooted in traditional Indigenous cultural practices and perspectives.

“The Time of Things proposes to challenge the binary of traditional and contemporary art. It considers the continuum of Indigenous customary practices into contemporary Indigenous art through the work of five women artists – Daphne Boyer, Maureen Gruben, Susan Pavel, Skeena Reece, and Marika Echachis Swan. Through their various Indigenous perspectives, this exhibition explores how the concept of time informs the production of Indigenous art today. It looks at how time influences connections to materials and process and it delves into the influence of intergenerational memory and knowledge passed through time on art-making.”  – France Trépanier

The art opening event scheduled for Saturday, March 14, 2020 at 1pm has been postponed (for The Time of Things: The Continuum of Indigenous Customary Practices into Contemporary Art. 

Community research incubators, Water (re)Source II, in CVAG’s Community Gallery. This collection of multi media works and studies reflect memory, perceptions, experiences, and relationships with the water that surrounds and permeates everything in our world. These projects continue to invite the participation of the local artists, regional schools + organizations, and the wider community.

Continuum will evolve over the span of the program and will include related to PUBLIC PLACE : SACRED SPACE, a multi year project that incorporates place-naming, public art installations and an Indigenous tea garden. This undertaking by the Comox Valley Art Gallery in partnership with the K’omoks First Nation and City of Courtenay, aims to unearth the significance of the land upon which the centre for the arts plaza has been constructed. Event dates are forthcoming.

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image: Master Gesture / Skeena Reece / 2019 / Video Still


  • TIME OF THINGS / The Continuum of Indigenous Customary Practice into Contemporary Art

    The continuum of Indigenous Customary Practice into Contmeporary Art.

    March 14 - September 11 2020

    PUBLIC PLACE:SACRED SPACE This multi-year program integrates themes of welcoming, gathering and healing through the incorporation of Indigenous place-naming, installations, public art, a full circle tea garden, exhibitions, cross-cultural sharing, performance, video screenings, workshops, gatherings and residencies. The undertaking was a collaboration between the Comox Valley Art Gallery, participating artists, curators, Elders, the K’ómoks First… 

    October 27 2018 - December 31 2020



    As a land based practice, the garden invites contemplation and rooting to the land in which we live and receive nourishment.

    April 9 2020 / 10:00am - 2:00pm

    Public artwork by artist Andy Everson goes live at noon. Follow on Facebook.

    April 5 2020 / 12:00 - 2:00pm