Sooner or Later – E-Publication

July 4 2016

Sooner or Later is a digital publication that showcases the involvement of the community in a self-portraiture exhibition and make art project.

The Comox Valley Art Gallery and the Comox Valley Community Arts Council invited community members to participate in an exhibition that celebrates our diverse creative community. We welcomed current, past and historical local Comox Valley artists, writers, performers, collaborators, creative collectives and cultural thinkers to submit work for Sooner or Later, a thematic show that examines diverse representations of contemporary self-portraiture in all media.


Sooner or Later every artist makes a self-portrait. Self-portraits involve looking inward and/or looking out to the world around us, and this representation of self may change over time and in relation to shifting perspectives. Self-representation covers a wide range of territory and may reflect such things as historical, social, political or personal circumstances.

This exhibition included work in all media including, but not limited to: visual arts, time-based + media arts, print + written word, performance, site-specific, non-traditional formats, mobile and social media, experimental and interdisciplinary explorations. This may involve traditional or mixed processes, repurposing, upcycling or more hybrid creative approaches.

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