Extracting Narratives – E-PROGRAM / PRINTED MATTER

January 21 2017

Extracting Narratives is an artistic program that brings together new work by contemporary painters Jeroen Witvliet (All Tomorrow’s Parties) and Neil McClelland (The Perfect Nowhere) in an exhibition that draws attention to shifting relations found in daily life and varied stories told through the painted image.

“Our paintings create fictive, could-be landscapes addressing notions of what is familiar but strange, and suggests a sense of unease and difficult relationships between culture and nature. We allow a relinquishing of control of ideas, but also of the painting’s surface through loose working of materials. The works are always alluding to something perhaps mythological, historical, or some possible future, but in ways that are purposefully ambiguous about what that something is. The images evoke a narrative, an aftermath or a beginning, but each painting is not about its separate elements. Our work invites viewers to construct meaning, to explore the in-between space between the separate elements within the paintings, and between the paintings in the gallery space.” – Jeroen Witvliet and Neil McCelland.

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