The Window Project


  • Exhibition May 9 - June 14 2014
  • Opening Event May 9 2014

The Window Project, choreographed by Carrie Tannant, is an assemblage of performances, gestures and actions inhabiting the display window and street entrance of the gallery.  This is a collaborative experiment where invited artists welcome others to share ideas, talents and time based projects.

May 9 + 31

Between You and I – Carrie Tannant & Special Guests
Friday, May 9 from 7 – 9pm: Spin Cycle – Carrie Tannant, Spectra – Lukas J. Roy + Sue, Cody Goodridge, Kevin Flesher

May 9

A Lesson in Deductive Reasoning – Heather Koning
variable times

A Lesson in Deductive Reasoning is … an old school desk slowly whittled down into a pile of sawdust.

May 10

In-A-Vision – Youth Media Project Students
2 – 4 pm 

May 16 + 17

Nap-in Dreamtime – Medwyn McConachy + Methuselah Dance
1 – 1:30pm performances, 1 – 4pm community participatory art-making

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This collaboration brings together installation and performance. Medwyn McConachy creates Dream Scroll in CVAG’s Window Gallery, inviting participants to co-create textile art that captures their current dreams. The CVAG plaza will be activated with performance by Methuselah Dance interacting with an installed labyrinth, inspiring the audience to enter their own dreamtime for art-making.

May 17

Wax and Sand – Christine Bunemann-Randolf
2 – 4 pm participatory art-making

Wax and Sand: Is a participatory demonstration of encaustic painting. Also known as hot wax painting, it involves using heated beeswax to which colored pigments are added. The liquid or paste is then applied to a surface. Because wax is used as the pigment binder, encaustics can be sculpted as well as painted.Christine uses metal tools and special brushes to shape the paint.

May 20 – 24

Square Foot Alchemy – The Art Alchemy Collective
daily participatory installation + art-making, Tuesday – Friday
May 20 – 23, 12 – 2 pm + Saturday, May 24th 2 – 4 pm

The Art Alchemy Collective: Lucy Schappy, Helen Utsal, Lynn Farwell, Marianne Enhorning, Maggie Ziegler, Guillermo Mier, Ian Fry

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Square Foot Alchemy is a celebration of diversity and collaboration combining paintings with written word and offering cryptic insight into the groups alchemical creative process. This multi-artist assemblage of square foot-sized art pieces evolves over the week and culminates in a diverse grid of images and colour on Saturday. The public is invited to participate in creating the CVAG Plaza component of the artwork.

The Art Alchemy Collective’s Window Project offers a preview of the 4th annual SQUARE FOOT SHOW, presented by ART ALCHEMY, a show and sale of 12″ x 12″ paintings, featuring over 30 artists from near and far. The SQUARE FOOT SHOW runs from June 20-29th, with a Public Opening on June 20th from 7-9 pm. Art Alchemy is located at 362C – 10TH ST, Courtenay, BC (upstairs, stair access only). Hours: Thursday to Sunday 12-4 pm

May 31

Spin Cycle (B-side) – Carrie Tannant
2 – 4 pm – window performances

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June 7

Solitude is Blessed – Miri St. Pierre
10am – 10pm – installation + performance

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Inspired by the poem “How to be alone” written by Tandy Davis, “…Solitude is blessed” is an installation and interactive painting which explores concepts concerning singularity and aloneness. My project offers a positive alternative of perceiving the otherwise feared state of being alone and encourages the viewer to find satisfaction, contentment, and enlightenment in solitude. As part of my composition, this instillation will be open for the public, allowing the viewer to sit unaccompanied on one half of the couch.

June 6 – June 14

Soft Movements: floating and falling – Alex Poruchnyk
installation + community collaboration in conjunction with Elevate the Arts Portals and Thresholds Installation project

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Focusing on the use of video as a primary medium, Alex Poruchnyk examines the nature of place and his relationship to it. For this site specific work, he is interested in the water surface as threshold or portal. Beginning with existing footage and shooting on location, as a means of becoming aquatinted with the community and the landscape in a meaningful way, the artist will develop a CVAG window project. “In his work Poruchnyk asks how the landscape might be considered to be both subject and object, actor and viewer in the performance of human interactions with place”. – Richard Perron at the Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture 2013 Conference, “Space/Time Place/Duration” March 27-30, 2013, Austin Texas

June 14

2 – 4 pm, performance and art-making on the CVAG plaza

Egg Drop Soup AVANH
What does Jackson Pollack’s action painting and dropping eggs full of coloured paint onto a canvas have in common?  The outcome is an uncontrived original abstract painting.

Contemporary Quilting Bee: Creating an Earth Quilt  – TaraLee Houston
Contemporary Quilting Bee: Creating an Earth Quilt: “… It’s a place to create and a time to stop what you are doing and enjoy a communal and social space to create a community art project to dedicate to the earth”.