• Exhibition November 20 - December 4 2015
  • Opening Celebration November 20 2015

Painting Students: TaraLee Houston, Karissa Comer, Denise Lawson, Trish Smith, Lukas J. Roy, Sarah Bergeron, Lori Kenney, Jessie Zelko, Kelly Davidson, Brigitte Cattell, Tesla Mayenburg, Bobbi Denton, Tonja Bjermeland

Instructor: Damian Moppett

is a group exhibition comprised of paintings from the thirteen students currently enrolled in the North Island College/Emily Carr University Advanced Painting course. All thirteen artists created new paintings in the last two months for this exhibition, representing a variety of interests, subjects and styles. Each work shows an interest in colour, form and composition as well as the original expression of the artist. Some chose to paint the figure, while others chose to focus on their passion for the environment and the world around us. Despite the intrinsic differences in the variety of subject matter, they are all bound by a fusion of tradition, inquiry and experimentation; this is our Mix.