look over look

Cynthia Minden’s new installation of sculptures and mobiles is featured in CVAG‘s window gallery. look over look explores how we look, look over and over look many of the very prescient things in need of our urgent attention.

Cynthia Minden has been exploring woven form, mixed media and assemblage for many years. Inherent to her work is a fascination with the natural world. Cynthia often combines found objects and gathered natural materials in an examination of the human footprint on ecology.

She is keenly interested in how movement and shadow add elements to the relationship between objects. Cynthia has incorporated the concept of mobiles into her work, creating suspended forms; diminutive, marionette-like figures, that hint at the delicacy and fragility of existence, and spheres, random-woven from reed, vines, paper and pigments. The age-old, primitive round and elliptical shapes hold much interest in their translucent almost celestial forms.

Minden’s work has been shown regionally at numerous galleries and internationally at SOFA Chicago, Fiberarts International and Handweavers Guild of America exhibitions.