Ba̱k̕wine’ Mescakasa (Soul Hair)

Ba̱k̕wine’ Kwakwala = Soul   Mescakasa Plains Cree = Hair

Ba̱k̕wine’ Mescakasa is a collaborative site installation by George Littlechild and Liz Carter, comprised of large format self-portraits, woven braids and prayer sticks made from Kwakwala and Cree cultural materials and objects.

Littlechild and Carter describe the importance of hair, a primary element in their work, as “a physical extension of our thoughts and braids as a symbol of oneness and unity. Individually each strand may be perceived as weak, but when joined together – woven into one soul, the result is strength.”

“Ba̱k̕wine’ Mescakasa (Soul Hair)” coincides with “Walking with our Sisters,” a memorial installation for the Missing and Murdered Indigeneous Women of North America, that will be presented in the Comox Valley from July 31 – Augusts 15, 2015.

Littlechild and Carter have created their site installation in honour of these Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and the Residential School Survivors. The artists share their collective process of making each braid and prayer stick “as a means of shedding light on the many abuses and deaths rained upon Canada’s First Peoples. We braid and we pray that peace will one day be ours.”

“Ba̱k̕wine’ Mescakasa (Soul Hair)” will be on view in the CVAG contemporary window gallery as part of a First Nations Program of exhibitions this summer,” including the touring exhibition Record, (Re)Create: Contemporary Coast Salish Art From The Salish Weave Collection and a Youth Art, Design Print Program exhibition showcasing current and past Wachaiy Friendship Centre students.

Become a part of this exhibit

This exhibit had a make art component were people were invited to participate in art making that was incorporated into the artists’ project.


We invite you to create and share your visions, hopes and prayers for change. These will be added to the window exhibition during the run of the show.

While creating Bakwiné Mescakasa, our intention is to bring communities together to strengthen awareness and understanding. Unity is Power. One prayer creates power. Many collective prayers foster passion.

– George Littlechild and Liz Carter

Come to the gallery to share your thoughts on prayer cards provided, or email us your prayers for change at to be added to the window exhibition.


Come to the gallery to take part in onsite braiding. The artists will be adding these to the window exhibition during the run of the show.