As You Are


  • Exhibition May 1 - June 6 2015
  • Opening Reception April 30 2015
  • Artist Talk April 30 2015

NIC/ECUAD 2015 BFA Graduates


Working from a reductionist approach and distilling information to its basic elements, I am driven by the conviction that we live in a participatory universe and that the ways in which we interact with each other and the things around us shape the world we live in.

Geographical distinctions create illusory boundaries – the social fabric rests upon a matrix of threads which extend around the globe. The activated points and nodes of the networks that we choose to belong to simultaneously belong to many different social dimensions, thus creating a capillary for one unified system.

This idea of connectedness is further predicated by extensive research into quantum mechanics and the work of sociologist and philosopher Bruno Latour. Both influence my work greatly, resulting in pieces that are a synthesis of conceptual and philosophical frameworks and a process based exploration.

Focusing on capturing the fleeting interactions and making visible the alchemic processes that are active in our daily lives, I place special emphasis on the entanglement of all things and the complex ways in which probabilities become actualities. Exploration of possibilities of being, questioning the systems of knowledge making, and play as a way of creating – open up venues for reflexive discourse as well as allow for new ways of seeing and understanding the world.


The Daily Drawing Challenge is simple at its core; draw something every day. The idea was to improve my art, by adding in a few restrictions–I could only draw ‘monsters’ on monday, and ‘characters’ on thursday, for example. Beyond this, the only rule was to ‘finish’ each piece every day. While I was successful in that however, it also improved my life. It forced me to develop a better work ethic and passion for what I created, and instilled a patience in myself for my flaws, and for what obstacles appeared through the challenge. Drawing every day did more than simply get me to draw–it led me to truly learn to enjoy it, and enjoy myself all at once.

‘Sidescroll’ is thus treated as my story, more than anything, with a title that draws from the 2D video game format of a scrolling background—a tie in to my goals of entering the game and entertainment field for concept and design work. It is a personal commentary on the challenge and on my progress through my final year as a student. It takes a collection of works, various pieces of my life, and plays them through the year for those who care to watch for however long. There’s a white space at the end; a reserved space for the challenge and story that now follows. And more than anything with this, I can look forward to another level of life to work through.


My current body of work involves using solar plates to create intaglio and relief prints, interchanging the photo colour separations with hand-drawn imagery to bridge that transition from realism to abstraction. A fascination with transition has been a constant thread in my artistic practice. It reflects my belief that life is not a constant state but is always changing and in transition. The movement of light into shadow, the flow of one colour into another, and the morphing of the realistic into the abstract, are all part of transition for me. The intangibility of a shadow, and at the same time its tangible connection to its solid source, is an intriguing mystery. When does the shadow become an object on its own rather than just an inference to a solid object? The interaction and the flow of colour become an observation and mediation of surfaces and textures. As the pieces morph from concave to convex, they not only play with the gradations and shifts of value, but also reference the intangibility of solid objects. A shift in perspective, as a work in progress transitions from the realistic to the abstract, hints at real world references and then slides away as part of the creative process.