May 15 2019 / 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Join us on May 15th at the Sid Williams Theatre for a curated celebration of personal films from past and current Comox Valley Art Gallery Youth Media Project participants. The evening will be opened by rap artists Maximum Gane and NWP and followed by a juried selection of work by youth that have created films over the past six years.

The screening will be by donation at the door.


Elijah Woodcock… or NWP, native with pride. Which one is he really?
Elijah is an aspiring rap artist who has been rapping and writing music since he was 13.
He usually writes about his life or new age or politically correct views and/or on stigmas.
He can write a whole song in under 20 mins and in one sitting if he feels inspired enough.
He enjoys freestyling and rapping on the spot and enjoys listening to instrumentals for inspiration for rap songs.

Brandon Gane
Hello everyone
Tonight, a young aspiring hip hop artist by the name “Maximum Gane” who is born in Edmonton, Alberta but local to the Comox Valley will be performing his new song “If I die”. 
It’s his promotional single for his next project for 2019 “Bury Me In Red E.P”. He has two albums out, “Maximum Gane E.P” and “Lucid Thoughts”. 
You can find any music by him on Youtube, Facebook or SoundCloud