March 9 2019 / 10:00am - March 15 2019 / 1:00pm

Since 2014, Scott Bertram has been periodically exploring a body of work that is somewhat tangential to his primary artistic focus. This body of work consists of applying very fluid acrylic paint to a slick, polyester film surface with large scraping tools. This process creates complex interactions of form and colour that arise out of a few simple, repeated, and layered gestures.

Between March 9-15, Scott will be exploring this painting process further at the GATHER:PLACE studio and the public is invited to drop by Monday-Friday, 10-1pm.
Private viewings may also be arranged at alternate times by contacting

SCOTT BERTRAM – CVAG facebook post.

I am an abstract painter and I have been based in the Comox Valley with my wife and daughter since 2014. Prior to moving to the Comox Valley I had been pursuing my art practice in various places across Canada (Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Winnipeg) though I did spend the majority of my formative years in BC. In my current artistic practise I have been interested in ambiguous shapes and their ability to spark open association, create playful spatial relationships, and provide strange compositional possibilities. As well as being a visual artist, I also have a deep relationship with music and am interested in the parallels between the two, perhaps most notably their unique abilities to bring attention and awareness to the present moment. I have shown my paintings in solo and group exhibitions across Canada, as well as internationally, and I have also taught at many institutions across the country.
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