December 7 2018 / 10:00am - December 15 2018 / 5:00pm


Project Room Studio Creative Research Residency GATHER : PLACE

Artist Nadine Bariteau will be in residence in GATHER : PLACE at CVAG to explore ways to make a shelter from recycled plastic. During her week long creative residency, titled RESTRUCTURE, Bariteau will cut, print and weave plastic in an attempt to research the best way to create a shelter.

Inspired by the junction that exists between the natural environment and that fabricated by the human hand, my practice proposes a subtle dialogue that lies somewhere between poetry and social awareness and strives to highlight various ways in which we connect with our surroundings. My work seeks to provoke a response to the various interactions that are played out within our individual daily experiences while focusing on the paradoxical tension that exists between the idea of permanence and the ephemeral. For about ten years now, I have been researching these ideas through explorations of aquatic environment.

I strive through my work to grasp the concepts of interconnectedness, mutability and uncertainty that singularize our relation to water. Knowing that water is one crucial element that connects all living species, I tend to speak about the global identity that binds us to one another through the water. Water seeks water; it shapes our territory and our culture.

Born and raised in Montréal, Nadine Bariteau is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice is rooted in printmaking, sculpture, installation and video performance. Her works are studies of permanence and ephemerality, and the interplay between human-made and natural environments.
Bariteau has exhibited her work extensively, both nationally and internationally in China, Belgium, Argentina, Australia, United States, Russia and Japan. She was also a visiting artist in the Department of Art and Design at the National Taipei University of Education in Taiwan where she exhibited her work.
Nadine Bariteau has obtained several grants and awards and her work can be seen in private and public collections including Foreign Affairs Canada, Shengshi Art Centre, Bejing, China, Frans Masereel Center, Belgium and the National Library of Québec.
Nadine presently resides between Toronto and the Comox Valley.