February 2 2019 / 10:00am - February 8 2019 / 5:00pm

Over the course of a week, Nicole will be experimenting with paper sculpture, as it relates to receiving watercolour paint and video projections of watercolour paintings; exploring the possibilities of sending her practice toward varied spatial dimensions that may or may not receive the transmissions.

MEDIUMSHIP – CVAG facebook post

I am a painter and an art therapist from the Comox Valley, living in Merville. I have worked in community and professional arts for over ten years, running projects with the Morris J Wosk Centre for Dialogue and POP Montreal International Music Festival, with a focus on arts-based community development. I have worked for the past ten years with local and Montreal-based experimental puppetry artist Clea Minaker, and am currently running art studios and classes at the Views at St Joseph’s and at the Eureka Support Society.