Offsite_Onsite / Research + Production Residency / Shelley Vanderbyl

December 3 2020 / 10:00am - May 29 2021 / 5:00pm

Offsite_Onsite / Research + Production Residency

Artists Shelley Vanderbyl / Nisrine Boukhari + Curators Abir Boukhari / Angela Somerset / Denise Lawson

Over the span of time and the space between us, curators and artists have undertaken a relational practice that is mounting a collaborative exhibition to be presented June 2021 – September 2021.

Abir, Shelley and Nisrine have known one another for a number of years. Having met in Sweden and worked together in Winnipeg, Manitoba, they have maintained connection and collaboration over times and distances apart. During the residency  period, the ongoing dialogue between them will inform their practices. Traces of their research and development will be made visible through virtual and onsite satellites.

ONGOING INSTALLATION PROJECTS – The offsite and onsite research + production residency, conversations and collaborations with All Art Now curator, Abir Boukhari (Sweden), local and international artists: Shelley Vanderbyl and Nisrine Boukhari, and CVAG’s curators  are made made visible day and night @ the Comox Valley Art Gallery corner of 6th Street + Duncan Ave. /  lower level window spaces​.

SHELLEY VANDERBYL has been onsite at the Comox Valley Art Galley for a production residency in the Project Room Studio, Dec 2020 – March 2021. During this time, the artist further explored her inquiry of signal fires as way-finding / making visible / a calling out into the distance. Simultaneously, Shelley continued to expand her work of painting tiny landscapes inside small medicine tins that fit into a pocket, and when opened, become portals for being transported to another world. Exterior influences have further informed Shelley’s research and development of fresco works. The pandemic and an illicit fire have imposed an unexpected staccato in the flow of practice, demanding new responses and articulations of the process of making.  Currently, Shelley continues her research + production residency offsite.

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Images: Angela Somerset
Video construction: Tom Elliot